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Good News on Sustainability

by Naihra Jae Yuson 17 May 2023
Good News on Sustainability

In case you haven’t heard.

Take it one step at a time — we’re seeing progress in promoting sustainability in the fashion sector. From new strategies to innovative materials, here’s a quick roundup of positive news that you need to know right now.

  1. EU steps up fashion accountability and traceability with new regulations on green claims

  2. A revision of the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles, published in 2022, focuses on the regulation of greenwashing. The EU is setting a criteria and definitions of sustainability to prevent consumers from misleading claims. The new proposals include minimum design requirements and new frameworks that qualify as circular fashion practices. With this in place, the fashion industry is seeing more concrete steps in putting sustainable practices as the standard.

  3. Innovation on Textiles showcased in Philippine Tropical Fabrics Month

  4. In January 2023, the country celebrated the annual Philippine Tropical Fabrics Month wherein exhibits and conferences tackle the culture, livelihood, and technology in the local textile industry. With the theme “Pushing Boundaries for Sustainable, Competitive, and Inclusive Philippine Textile-Garment Industry,” the celebration highlights research and solutions on an inclusive textile industry and circular production. This includes a showcase of fibers from Philippine silk, banana, abaca, and pineapple leaf to produce the textiles that mark the Filipino heritage.

  5. Bayo put up creativity and sustainability in a new level in its MOA store

  6. Bayo moves beyond sustainability in its garments to experimenting with the interiors of their stores. The Bayo MOA branch is constructed with materials made of residual waste and fabric scraps. This means that Bayo was able to repurpose the least recyclable waste, such as rPET water bottles and thick plastics, and make it an integral part of the store. Along with this, the branch features a distinct six-tier platform inspired by the Northern Philippines. Other elements of the store are designed to manifest the humble beauty of nature and earth itself.

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