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How To: Host a Merienda with the Girls

by Naihra Jae Yuson 21 Apr 2023
How To: Host a Merienda with the Girls

On days we spend most of our time tirelessly adulting, there’s nothing quite like a good chika sesh with our go-to gals over sweets, coffee, and tea (the other kind 🤫)— and definitely, in a grammable merienda.

Though we know what you’re thinking, hosting can be quite tough, especially for first timers. Not to worry, we’re here with noteworthy tips from certified merienda-nista, Martina Bautista that ensure a hundred percent fun for your next merienda.

  1. On Audience

    First things first, as a host, it is important to keep your audience in mind. Martina explains, “I try to make sure I know my audience, always making sure that I have everyone’s allergies and favorites in mind when planning the menu, it’s a thoughtful way of making sure that everyone can enjoy the meal you’ve prepared — or ordered online”

  2. On Mom’s Advice

    Meriendas have been around for ages and who better to trust than our OG tita of Manila, veteran of meriendas— mom. When you’re conflicted with what to offer, Martina’s mom says, “always have dessert prepared, even if it’s merienda or even a casual coffee, always have a dessert — in my [her] case, bake up a storm — from cake to frozen balls of cookie dough, it's always nice to have a sweet treat ready for guests.”

  3. On Hosting At Home

    Welcoming your friends into your home for a get-together can be daunting, especially for the first time, so we asked Martina if she had any advice for girls who are looking to host at their home or apartments and what set of tools they should have. “For me, it's really nothing fancy, it's just good coffee, easy to prep snacks and dessert, and maybe cute serving ware — but I’m always hunting for any excuse to bring out the cute mugs and plates!”

  4. On Setting a Table

    A successful merienda  would not be complete without a grammable table moment, but with so many themes and decor options, where does one find just the right inspiration in setting a table? For Martina, “usually her [my] mood dictates what the vibe will be for the decorations. She’s [I’m] an avid Pinterest user, so she’s [I’m] perpetually stumbling across ideas for tablescapes and small gatherings.”

Alternative Tips in Case:

Happy is a theme:

There’s nothing like coming over to someone’s space and seeing them happy, so whether it's fancy cutlery and embroidered napkins or party plates and mismatched glasses, bring out the things that make you happiest and it’ll shine through! 

Don’t overthink it:

Whether you have a strict itinerary of topics to discuss or a long delayed catch up, try not to pre plan every detail of your gathering. Often, the best parts of seeing your friends is just spending time, having good conversations and eating one too many tita MG cheese rolls. 

It’s OK to feel overwhelmed— because hosting for the first time or even your nth time can definitely be overwhelming. But it's important to remember meriendas are all about having fun and enjoying the company of your best girlfriends, so don’t let it prevent you from having the best time. 

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