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Photographer Tarish Zamora Shares her La Union Faves

by Naihra Jae Yuson 21 Apr 2023
Photographer Tarish Zamora Shares her La Union Faves

La Union or better known as the infamous ‘elyu’  has easily become a hot spot for travelers and individuals looking for a good time. Tarish Zamora is no different, she says, "As a creative living in La Union, this is where you’ll find me.” ❤️

  1. El Union Coffee

    Known for their Horchata and Grilled Cheese, El Union is one of the first establishments that opened up in La Union. [It] started out as a small coffee shop who now has really long lines during the weekend. They’ve really come a long way and made a name for themselves.

    Located in the middle of Surftown. You won't miss them in the Great Northwest.

    Address: M85C+VVW, MacArthur National Highway, San Juan, La Union
    Instagram: @elunion

  2. Curo at Curbside Villa

    “My go-to place whenever I need comfort food!”, says Tarish.

    They have so many choices in their menu and they have everything from all day breakfast to soups, salads, main courses and of course, dessert! They also serve specialty coffee, a collaboration with Candid Coffee plus cocktails and special bottled wine, tequila and single malt whisky from all over the world! If you also need a place to stay where you want to relax, you can book a room at Curbside Villa. The ambiance is perfect.

    Address: Curbside Villa, San Juan, La Union
    Instagram: @curbsidevilla

  3. Masa by Barefoot

    “The best bread in town!”

    From croissants, to pan de coco, to berliners. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch or merienda! Don’t worry, if you’re a rice person, they also have rice meals in their menu! They also have really good coffee. As a sweet tooth, I always get their Spanish Latte to end my meal right.

    Address: Barangay, Costales st. Sitio Dappat, San Juan, 2514 La Union
    Instagram: @masabybarefoot

  4. Manna Kitchen at Aginana Villas

    “If Manna were a person, it would be a modern mom who makes familiar comfort food for her children.”


    But [Manna Kitchen] also offers experimental dishes to shake things up when feeling a little more adventurous. Like egg sandwiches but with curry or kimchinangag over regular sinangag for sweet garlic tapsilog. This modern mom takes pride in making the components of her dishes from scratch (as much as possible)! Manna is a new place to visit when you’re in LU. Located in Ili Sur, you can also book their rooms at Aginana Villas.

    Address: Avecilla, San Juan, 2514 La Union

  5. Makai Bowls

    If you love smoothies, healthy food & you want to feel refreshed? You can find Makai bowls at the Great Northwest! With the view of the beach right in front, you can relax and take a sip of your smoothie and watch the waves!

    Address: M85C+VQR, San Juan, La Union
    Instagram: @makaibowls

  6. Little Canggu & Little Cat

    If you’re looking for a taste of Balinese and other asian food, Little Canggu is where you should be! Inside their restaurant, you can also find Little Cat Coffee.

    “My personal favorite from them is their Nitro foam Americano.”

    Address: MacArthur Hwy, San Juan, 2514 La Union
    Instagram: @little.canggu

  7. Makan at Eliseos Home

    “The food here is super unique and interesting, it’s Filipino food but with a twist!”

    Located in front of the beach in Ili Norte, Makan is such a quiet place to be in. Far from the crowd and from the main strip of surf town. They also have rooms to stay in at Eliseos Home.

    Address: 379 Saint Jude Subdivision, San Juan, La Union
    Instagram: @makan.eliseos

  8. Proper Proper Gym

    If you love going to the gym, try the classes out at Proper proper behind Eliseos Home in Ili Norte! Walk-ins are at 250PHP and monthly rates are at PHP 1,500. Sulit, right?

    Address: Ili Norte, San Juan, La Union
    Instagram: @proper.proper

  9. Esquires Surf Camp

    “Of course you need to learn how to surf when you’re visiting La Union!”

    From beginners to advanced students to even kids! They teach at an hourly rate of PHP 600 - that’s already including teaching the basics, the surfboard and instructor! I also have a board parked here that you can rent.

  10. Tangadan Falls

    If you want a different view of nature aside from the beach, PLUS you want to hike? This is where you should go. It’s a 2-3 hour hike up to the falls, but I tell you, It’s worth it!”
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